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003 | Action + Voice

[It's pretty easy to spot the differences. The apartment Zatanna shares with Artemis suddenly goes from full to half-empty overnight. Everything, from clothing to weaponry to the tools she'd left in a pile on the table are just gone.

She's heard about it happening before. But like they say, hearing about it and going through it? Two completely different things.

Zatanna tries to find her: message over the journal, a locator spell she's been working on, just walking around and looking around the village. Things don't get any better, however. It's even worse by mid-day, when Zatanna pulls out her journal again.]

Uh, hey. [Zatanna's trying to smile--or rather, she's trying not to cry. There's a reason she's not using video for this, but all that emotion is still pretty evident in her voice.] I know some of you know Artemis and Static. They went home, but it's a good thing. They've got to help save the world and all. Teenage superheroes. The job's never done, right?

[She hesitates, wondering if she should say anything else. In the end though, there's only more silence before she closes the journal. She's going to answer the people who reply, eventually. For now, with the book set aside, Zatanna draws her knees up to her chest and just hides. She probably won't be that hard to find if people know where to look: the rooftop of Community Housing 5. But since she's alone--really alone--she lets some of those tears fall. She just can't keep it in anymore.]
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[First she had heard Zatanna's voice on the broadcast and having talked to her a few times before, the pain she was going through in missing her father during her birthday, that sound of pain isn't hard to miss the second time.

Though instead of answering on the broadcast, she leaves her house and begins walking down the street. She hadn't even gotten past 'They went home-' before she was slipping on shoes and the door was shutting behind her.

Since she had delivered cookies to Zatanna personally, she knows where to go. She knows where to look because when Kushina wanted to hide and think and let some tears fall, this was where she goes. That time had lessened as she got older, learned to be strong but she still remembers the rooftops of a building in a place that wasn't home.

There's the soft sound of feet beside her as she lands a few feet away.

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[Without prompting, or invitation, Kushina walks closer until she's bending down to sit beside her, just offering company. It's obvious she's not alright, so she won't ask.]

Do you remember what I said you to before?

[You can cry. It's alright.]
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[It does look like she has, with the way she had been rubbing at her eyes before Kushina sat down.

Her hand hovers at Zatanna's back and then she settles it there gently, a steady warmth.]

Did you want to talk about it?


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[Kushina's expression pinches, trying make sense of the question. She thinks she understands what Zatanna means but-]

If they're from my world then they're from my world. Just because I didn't know them before, doesn't mean they're any less a part of it.
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... In my world, I had only just given birth to my son. And here, he's already a sixteen year old young man from the future.

You or my son might not be the person that we remember, but that doesn't mean we care any less about you. It's a little confusing, but you're still you. Right here.

[And she points at her own heart.]

Was your best friend from this different world?

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[Then it was the same as her and Minato -- the only person who understood how she felt. He was also her best friend, despite their occasional bickering.

Thinking of losing him makes her sad too, aches, just like Zatanna but]

She's not your only friend, is she? You shouldn't forget your other friends who are here for you, too.

We're all going through the same thing, being in this place, so everyone understands at least a little. You're not alone.

I wouldn't let you be alone.
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[The smile Kushina has put on for Zatanna's sake drops and her brows pull down at the start of tears. Then her arm settles across her shoulders, one hand petting her black hair soothingly.

She doesn't say anything, just lets Zatanna get it all out like she knows she needs to. Eventually though, when she quiets down into sniffles;]

Come on.

[She shifts to stand up again and urges Zatanna to stand up.]

If you want to sit on a high place, I know a good spot.

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[It earns a small smile, in any cast. If it bothers her, it shouldn't. Strength came in different forms -- if Zatanna can cry (that's being strong in a way too) and then joke like that not long after, she knows she's a tough girl.

A lionheart.]

You've been through a rough patch, but it always gets better.

[Hopefully really soon. She'll be led to a spot on the outskirts of the village, where they can look at the mountains in the distance past the forests.

And because Zatanna has opened up to her;]

The mountains here remind me of my birth home. They're a bit bigger than the green hills that surrounded my village but the feeling is similar.

Plus when the sun rises just over the top, it's really pretty.
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[It's normal to miss the old, when it's precious to you.]

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[Oh, levitating.]

It's too bad these wings got small again. We could have flown if they were as big as they were before. They're just there for looks, aren't they?

[She reaches behind her to finger the bright yellow feathers, mouth twisting to the side a bit, uncomfortable.]